What is TalkFinance?

TalkFinance is an innovative social network designed to fit your financial needs. Our platform allows members to create a free member profile and join in on recent financial discussions. Start sharing your market news today!


How do I create a member profile?

Create a free member profile, here. Follow the easy steps, and you are on your way to sharing market news.


Do I need to be a TalkFinance member to actively post on stock message boards or chats?

Yes. You must become a member in order to post comments on our stock message boards or chats. Non-members have the ability to browse through stock message boards, but join the discussion today! It takes less than three minutes to create your free member profile.


Are memberships free of costs?

Yes. Membership to TalkFinance is free of charge and brings you the latest free financial advice. Users can post on forums and chats on a no-limit basis. 


Can I be an active member of TalkFinance without revealing my identity?

Yes. TalkFinance members have the choice to remain anonymous or reveal their identity while participating on message boards or chats.


Why was my post deleted?

A post is deleted when it violates our Terms and Conditions. In general, a site admin will send an email to the user with a full explanation of the violation and why the post was deleted. Users then have the option to request administrative review if they believe a post was deleted in error.


Can I be banned from posting on a forum or chat?

Yes. TalkFinance thrives to create a safe and trusted environment for members. Users can be banned from future postings should they violate our Terms and Conditions.


Who owns TalkFinance?

TalkFinance is owned by TalkFinance, Inc., a 2011 internet startup based in New York, NY.


How can I contact TalkFinance Support?

Please contact us via email at A site admin will get back to your request within 24 hours.

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