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Equities Twitter
Posted By : wshiki
Posted On : October 07, 2014
Time : 02:31:08 PM

Twitter(TWTR) is gradually gaining through mobile ads and hopefully forecasts by 2018 its user base will double to 600 million as per J.P.Morgan analyst.

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Equities Yahoo
Posted By : James
Posted On : September 22, 2014
Time : 10:53:37 PM

 Hey anybody knows how many share of BABA does Yahoo own?

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Equities Tesla
Posted By : Jed
Posted On : October 13, 2013
Time : 06:30:27 PM

Is the recent pullback a buy? My gut feeling is yes, the recent video of a buring Tesla car is unfounded 

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Commodities Crude Oil
Posted By : Paul
Posted On : October 15, 2014
Time : 03:54:53 AM

When trading on crude oil be careful about the impact that a different country would have on the local price of the crude oils in your area. It could be possible that the new bond creation or existing bond break down between countries could impact the price.

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Equities Apple
Posted By : James
Posted On : October 11, 2014
Time : 02:49:08 PM

Nasdaq yesterday was down over 2% but AAPL didn't selloff one bit ... that stock is bullet proof

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Currencies EUR/USD
Posted By : James
Posted On : October 04, 2014
Time : 03:22:57 PM

I wonder where will EUR/USD find support ... it's been sliding non stop from 1.3800 

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Commodities Silver
Posted By : mcxvia
Posted On : October 17, 2014
Time : 04:34:13 AM

75% users are recommended to buy silver.

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Commodities Gold
Posted By : mcxvia
Posted On : October 16, 2014
Time : 04:46:55 AM

64% useres are recommeded to buy Gold today.

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