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Equities Twitter
Posted By : Andras12
Posted On : June 14, 2017
Time : 06:51:36 AM
Legitimate offer of FC and SS Bank Guarantee (BG) and Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) alongside a number of other Bank Instruments specifically for Lease with the option of sale optionally available from a certified financial group. We deliver cautios of the time line required for the completion of transactions and other intermediaries are welcome to deal. Other financial instruments such as MTN, CD, DLC, PB are also available. Kindly contact me for serious enquiries via email or on Skype. Name:Herceg Andras Lajos Skype:halfunding.advisory
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Equities Yahoo
Posted By : Musayyab
Posted On : March 02, 2017
Time : 11:39:56 AM
Sir, We offer fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale such as BG, SBLC,LC,DLC, MTN, Bank Bonds, Bank Draft, T strips and other. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal expense to the borrower compared to other banking options and we also discount/monetize BG's. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies. If in need of our services, contact me for detail information. Email: Skype: brokermusayyab Regards Musayyab Ian
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Equities Tesla
Posted By : SusanJohhson
Posted On : November 27, 2014
Time : 05:53:57 AM
The Tesla stock price has been very volatile in the recent times and is still trading at fifteen percent below its 52 weeks high. However, the price is still up by one hundred percent over the last one year and almost six percent higher than the start of 2013 price. Some experts are estimating the price to double again.
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Commodities Crude Oil
Posted By : leaseman
Posted On : November 21, 2017
Time : 05:20:11 PM
Dear Sir/Ma, We are direct provider for BG/SBLC specifically for lease, at leasing price of (3.0 0.5 X)% of face value, Issuance by HSBC London/Hong Kong or any other AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA. Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, loan financing by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with issuing bank lease providers, this Instrument can be monetized on your behalf for 100% funding : For further details contact us with the below information. Contact : Mr. Richard Rana Das Email: Skype ID: leasemandate.richdas Intermediaries / Consultants / Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together Regard, Richard Rana Das
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Equities Apple
Posted By : equitypicks
Posted On : November 15, 2016
Time : 03:40:29 AM
Great Movement Now .... having BUY position Get Live Recommendations With Us -
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Currencies EUR/USD
Posted By : trustco
Posted On : March 08, 2017
Time : 06:59:51 PM
We are Providers of all types of BG and SBLC with the best workable procedures. Our BG/SBLC ranges from MT799, MT760,(Both two way confirmation), MT103/23, MT103 (Both can be one way confirmation and two way confirmation) in USD and EUROS. Contact Person: Mr. Tommy Champion Email: Skype ID: trustco.financeplc
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General Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart
Posted By : AndreaForexMart
Posted On : December 14, 2017
Time : 02:53:29 AM
EUR/USD Technical Analysis: December 13, 2017 The EURUSD edged downwards as the German investor confidence came in weaker than predicted results, along with the robust figures of American inflation data that reinforced the US dollar and put pressure on the single European currency. Small business confidence in the United States also showed secured position combined with strong U.S. chain store sales. Originally, the euro-dollar pair trailed lower on Tuesday and drove upwards to test the resistance at 1.1819 area near the 10-day moving average. The support of the pair touched the 1.1675 region around the ascending trend line. While prices generate a topping formation and market participant anticipates for the Fed decision as the central bank is highly expected to increase interest rates in the US by 25 basis points. The momentum became negative and the MACD indicator created a crossover sell signal. The moving average convergence divergence further prints in the red with a descending trajectory which implies for a lower exchange of rate.
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General Company News by ForexMart
Posted By : AndreaForexMart
Posted On : December 13, 2017
Time : 02:35:56 AM
U.S. Treasury Needs to Adjust their Cash Management The U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin publicized that there will be cash management measures to prevent a U.S. bad debt on Monday. A letter to House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan says that two retirement funds would not be funded by the Treasury anymore. This includes the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund and the Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund as mentioned in the letter. Mnuchin said that all funds would fully be compensated when the debt ceiling has been adjusted. The U.S. Treasury is trying to assess the limit of money that it can borrow to manage the budget loss which leads to the higher spending of Taxes more than the collection from Washington and Congress has the only power to increase the limit. There was a short-term solution of suspending the debt limit until December 8. Nevertheless, the Treasury has the capacity of paying the bills up to January as a precautionary measure according to the department. Selected countries require the legislature to consent the periodic increases in the legal limit on the maximum amount of money that allows the federal government to borrow.
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